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Download the Application

Download the app


For download:
English version: DOWNLOAD HERE (15MB) - DEMO of engl.version
German version: DOWNLOAD HERE (15MB)
based on and compatible with APEX,
You will need an Oracle APEX workspace somewhere to install it.

For NON COMMERCIAL use only, please!
Delivered as is - I have no responsibility and will not take over any guarentee.
Nore will I be responsible for any data collected with this application.
At the end of the project you will have to delete all data and you are not allowed to onpass the data to third parties.

Another Prerequisite: Please notify me (with the url), if you put it into production in your region. I like to monitor that here on this page. Thanks.

I have seeded an ADMIN account with password to login straight away - please see instruction on install.
Also the Admin-User needs a "profile" (account) in order to administer the application.
The Authentification for Login is setup based on the "Accounts"-table called "CORONA_HELP".
Ofcourse you can check the details using the Object Browser.

I have made use of 1 Plugin:
- Apex Modern Background courtesy of Raphael Hinterndorfer - thanks to Raphael

If you have questions send a mail to me: bernhard@fischer-wasels.de

Wittorf/Lüneburg (Germany), 24.03.2020