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Welcome! Nice to see you here !!

Welcome! Nice to see you here !!

This appplication will serve to coordinate help and engagement related to the COVID-19 crisis.

This is a non commercial initiative.

Engaged people - lets call them "Service-Providers" - may register in this portal and describe what they are willing to do for others. How they like to engage.

The "Help-Seekers", who require assistance and help, may select from the list of services and leave their contact data.

The "Service-Providers" will be informed by mail and establish contact to the "Job-Seekers".

This all does work without interference. The programm in the portal does that all.
The communication is by email - but no data will be communicated - this all is done in the portal - the "profile" of the "Service Provider".
Please see "The Process Flow" page (<--Menue - left) illustrating the communication

Data security is important nowadays. Your data will not be onpassed to third parties and after the project is coming to an end will be deleted completely.
"Service-Providers" may delete their data anytime by entering the profile.
The "Help-seeker" data are then deleted as well.

Be proud, that you engage yourself here !!!! Respect !

We are looking forward to your engagement


Offers for Engagement